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In today’s globalised economy, having an offshore strategy in place is considered to be a basic necessity than a competitive edge for an organisation. More and more companies want to ramp up their service delivery and scale up their activities at the speed of light by establishing Offshore Delivery Centres as an extension of their organization’s capability. They want to look for efficient alternatives to manage the cost of services.

Enterprises are today exploring between; outsourcing, remote assistance from low cost geographies, and sourcing the talent with flexibility to engage and disengage at short notice without compromising the quality on the talent. They realize that doing it all in-house is time consuming and not cost efficient. Also "follow-the-sun" principle has been adhered to in service delivery, application development, systems support and business support with advances in telecommunications technologies and infrastructure.

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CloudOps – With years of domain knowledge and expertise, we can help you navigate through the pitfalls and help you realize the full potential of the cloud.

SecOps – A layered security approach that addresses the infrastructure as a whole and by deploying multiple layers of protection reduces the risks of intrusion. 

TechOps – A business centric approach to Managed Services enables our customers to harness the power of Technology, Human Resources, Policy, and Process creating an IT infrastructure that aligns with your business objectives.

HPCOps – We offer comprehensive solutions for High Performance Computing based on loosely coupled clusters, SMP, accelerator-based systems, high performance storage and application parallelization.

By using proven methodologies and innovative approaches, our experienced professionals can drive your mission-critical initiatives forward. We design the delivery model for situations where a high degree of oversight, integration and communication is required. Based on your need, this model is made flexible and completely customizable to unique needs and scale of your organisation.

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We work on various technologies and have in-depth expertise on leading technologies being used in the industry currently like – DevOps, AI/ML/DL, MDR, Zero Trust…..

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