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Security Event Monitoring & Management

Detecting and protecting information systems from today’s advanced, constant threats requires a comprehensive understanding of how different information security silos relate to each other. By deploying Security event monitoring and management solutions (delivered through a SOC) for hybrid IT infrastructure which can include on-prem as well as any cloud platform, you can detect the attacks as fast as possible. Not just that they can also block or stop such attacks and provide in detail information to re-build an attack.

This is done by collecting, correlating and analyzing extensive series of data. It provides you with an analysis on possibilities of security risks to your environment and enable organizations to detect, respond and prevent threats by providing valuable context and visual insights to help you make faster and smarter security decisions. The Solution also delivers advanced threat analysis, comprehensive information security reporting, and an intelligent security search. By utilizing a broad range of information logs and other events generated by hosts, devices, applications and databases, network flow data and known vulnerabilities, it provides deep visibility and analytics to address the most demanding security and compliance requirements.

Security Event Monitoring & Management

Incident, Risk & Threat Management

Discover and eliminate today’s advanced threats. Real-time Correlation & Alerting.

Compliance Automation & Reporting

Assist with compliance needs around PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc.

Forensics Operationalized

Real-time Forensics Operationalized, Flexible & Scalable Security Investigations. Intelligent Security Search.

Centralized Log Management

Metrics & Operational Visibility to Security Incidents & Events.

Case Reference

One of the Leading General Insurance Companies, trusts us for continuously monitoring & managing their Security Incidents & Events. We enable them to detect, respond and prevent threats which has considerably enhanced their Security Posture while gaining operational visibility, investigative capabilities and achieve compliance to meet IRDA Regulations.

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