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Cloud Migration Plan

With the Cloud Migration Plan, we help you determine the right objectives & help you get clarity on what your Migration plan could look like. To be able to create a robust Migration plan we require to take your objectives into account, along with the age and architecture of your existing applications, infrastructure, and their constraints. Next, you need to understand the dependencies between applications and begin to consider what types of migration strategies you will need to employ to meet your business case objectives.

We provide a practical roadmap and scalable methodology for moving large application portfolios to the cloud. Our Cloud Migration Methodology is a five-phased approach where we Assess, Classify, Restructure, Migrate, Optimize.

Cloud Migration Plan

Migration Competency

Experienced in planning migration for mission critical applications.

Methodology Based

Expertise in in-house as well as industry renowned migration methodologies.

Migration Tools Services

Tools to automate the migration process. Providing key metrics and progress for target applications.

Domain Expertise

Decorated with certified solution architects, vertical specialists and Security and Government Specialists.

Case Reference

Helped build a One Click Emergency Notifier to “Call an Ambulance” at your finger-tips and save a life! It’s an App based Actionable emergency tracker service (Microservices based Architecture) built on a Robust, Optimized & Secure AWS Infrastructure which is managed 24/7.

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