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Cloud Consumption Expense Management

Cloud services are being adopted increasingly by enterprises today driven by a growing enterprise-wide need to manage the IT lifecycle across software, platform, and infrastructure categories. In recent years, IT has increasingly become both usage- and service-based, and as a result, a variety of complex cloud service pricing models have emerged. Similarly, with this wide-spread adoption the expense in this category is also skyrocketing along with the difficulties of administering an effective spend management plan to protect the bottom line.

This growing expense is something that requires immediate attention on behalf of Enterprises so that they can have a hold of their cost and do not get to a point where cloud seems to be a costly choice which it really is not. At Locuz we understand these problems and therefore our approach is always to partner with our customers and take a programmatic approach towards Expense Management. We try and ensure that your business can gain from tactical benefits of cloud migration yet keeping an eye on managing your cloud expenses.

Cloud Consumption Expense Management

Cost Optimization lever & tools

Cost management and optimization tools, defined & validated costs allocation tags.

Cost Optimization mechanisms

Right-size your resources, eliminate unused resources and increase elasticity.

Cloud SLAs

Identify key metrics and events, monitor the metrics that matter, cost visibility & targets.

Design for Cost

Open source platforms and databases, containerization and automation, running resources in a cheaper cloud region and consolidated billing.

Case Reference

We helped address the concerns around costs for one of India’s top Immigration & Visa Consultancy companies reducing it by 55% with a simultaneous 32% increase in efficiency by utilizing our expertise in expense management while migrating some of their business applications on to AWS.

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