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Organizations which have taken the CCoE approach towards large scale migration have been far more successful than organizations who did not.

Large enterprises at the onset of their transformation journey often begin to unearth existing pockets of transformation that have escaped notice. What’s also important and which has led the existing pockets go unnoticed is that these good practices haven’t spread from these isolated corners of the enterprise and transformed the rest of the organization.

We think the answer is that transforming the whole of the enterprise requires…well, a large transformation. The enterprise must find a way to make its deep changes scale broadly until they reach critical mass. Cloud adoption represents a major IT transformation, a shift in culture and a new way of financing your infrastructure. It presents new cost and security challenges, requiring governance and control across the organization. It also needs a proactive team to take ownership and direction of the migration process. A Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) has rapidly become an indispensable method of performing just that role.

Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) addresses this core problem for enterprises in a way that your organization can gain leverage across the enterprise & drive the wave of change that can truly transform your organization. A CCoE will also create a structured way to the cloud, helping your organization avoid the pitfalls and realize the full potential of cloud adoption. Our goal while helping you build your Center of Excellence team is to take a large, widespread, deep-rooted organizational problem and solve it in a smaller scope with an open-minded approach and then leverage the small wins to scale it across the organization.

Cloud Coe

Risk Reduction

Reviewing and iterating throughout the change process, striving for continual improvement in line with business objectives.

Time to Market

Introducing new structures or frameworks, standardizing processes, managing disruptions and overcoming barriers to adoption.

Economy of Scale

Achieving economies of scale by eliminating duplication of workload and resources.

Continuous Improvement & Business Outcomes

Ensuring that there is consistent improvement and monitoring of existing and new processes.

Case Reference

Organizations benefit from a CCoE.

83 percent of those with a CCoE say it is effective; 96 percent believe they would benefit from a CCoE; the top reported benefits of a CCoE include reducing security risks (56 percent), reducing costs (50 percent), and improving the ability to be agile and innovative (44 percent).

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